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Play Area 

Through fund raising and grant assistance, we completely re-equipped our rather forlorn children's play area in several phases between  2019-2022, at a cost of ~£100,000. It has been a huge success and is very popular with local and visiting families. There is challenging and fun play equipment tailored to different ages, a secure ball playing area, a wildlife garden and benches / picnic tables in the shade for families to enjoy. The area is fenced and dogs are excluded. We are grateful to Wadlow Wind Farm Community Fund, FCC Communities Foundation, National Lottery (Awards for All), South Cambridgeshire District Council Community Chest, Gt & Lt Wilbraham Parish Councils, St Nicholas Church, Wilbrahams' Social Club and many individual donors and volunteers who together made this project possible.

If you or your family enjoy using the play area and would like to contribute to its upkeep, please click on the button.


"The playground is excellent. Full of lots of exciting things for children to play on.

Thank you for all your efforts."

"Best equipment for miles around."

"It’s a great open space for when we visit family who live in the village. Our children rave about how fun it is. They call it the ‘tunnel park’."

"The play area is superb (we visit from Fulbourn) and our children love it. Our son is autistic and we feel safe taking him there and he loves all the equipment and space which isnot always the case at other play areas."

Recreation Ground

A central grazing field that had been used during WW2 for military accommodation was gifted after the war to Gt Wilbraham village for use as its recreation ground (see history).  It is owned and managed by the Memorial Hall & Recreation Ground Trustees, and has been immaculately maintained as a cricket pitch in summer and a football pitch in winter over many years by a team of volunteers led by Tony Goryn. 

Outside the hours of weekly matches and training sessions, the ground serves as a green 'lung' to the village and is enjoyed by dog walkers, families and children. Mobile football goals are available all year for casual games. The margins are planted with spring bulbs and wildflower areas. 

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