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Wilbrahams’ Memorial Hall is run as a charity for the benefit of the residents of Great & Little Wilbraham. The Charity Commission No. is 300390

It is managed by a committee of Trustees (Wilbrahams' Memorial Hall & Recreation Ground Trustees) who meet on a monthly basis throughout the year. The Trustees are joined at these meetings by representatives of Great & Little Wilbraham Parish Councils and various Hall User Groups. The Annual General Meeting is normally held in June. All are welcome to attend.

There are 7 Trustees:

  • Emma Adams (Chair)

  • Paul Lambton (Vice Chair)

  • Richard Morley (Treasurer)

  • Charles Raikes

  • Allan Painter

  • Ruth Sinclair

  • Vacant

Ray Tilbrook is Honorary President

The Trustees are assisted by Shirley Morley, Secretary

Christine Page represents Gt Wilbraham Parish Council

(Vacant) represents Little Wilbraham Parish Council

Sally Ramus represents The Wellbrahams

Andy Goryn represents the Sports & Social Clubs
Jo Helmy & Eleanor Laws represent the Primary School Governors.

Stan Wilson represents the Over 60's club.

Screenshot 2022-10-23 at 18.08_edited.jpg

Extract from 1949 Trust Deed


Wilbrahams' Memorial Hall & Recreation Ground Trustees have a number of policy and information documents in place to protect users of the hall which you can view here.

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